It’s become a cliche in today’s world that dog bites are so common, they aren’t worthy of being reported or even mentioned. There are a number of accidents which can occur on a homeowner’s property that are barely even mouthed as they occur too frequently for us to fathom or concern ourselves.

The sad reality is that while we may not talk about these events or want to think about them, we can be held liable for them if they happen on our property. If our dog bites a passerby or our sidewalk leads to a sprained ankle, we may have to cover medical expenses and repair costs. These events often find themselves before civil courts and with decisions that cost us directly.

With the right liability insurance, costly legal battles can be avoided for common injuries and accidents on a homeowner’s property. Dog bites, cracked sidewalks, falling limbs, and other events can be covered as a liability on the policy. Instead of having to cover the costs out of our own pockets, the insurance company pays the medical bills or repair costs associated with the injury.

This protection avoids drawn out legal battles, the need for lawyers and court appearances. The insurance company pays the claim directly to the injured party and negotiates directly with them. Your involvement is minimal. If there are any structural changes required by the insurance company, a claims representative will present them to you in order to maintain the liability coverage.

Accidents happen, no matter how well we try and avoid them. Things happen beyond our control every day. With a home liability policy, those unfortunate events and accidents don’t have to cost you a fortune. You can protect your family from financial ruin with a homeowners liability insurance policy on your private property.

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